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Free Sample Alberta Real Estate Agent Exam

Real Estate Practice Exams...Pass with flying colours!

The Real Estate Practice Exam includes over 500 professionally written questions that will assist you in brushing up for your real estate exam. You will see more than enough question content to ensure that you are READY for the actual license exam. By covering all of the categories from the license exam, you will learn and even memorize the concepts and content you can expect to see.

Our practice exam engine provides you with performance reports so you can see how you are doing in different areas, allowing you to take our practice exams choosing questions from the appropriate categories. Our practice exams will help you pass!

In most provinces the Real Estate exam is what you need to pass in order to apply for a real estate license.



What to Expect in Your Real Estate Exam!

Your written exam will consist of multiple choice and true/false type exams. The exams are designed to test knowledge as well as application of principles. Our practice exams are designed the same way.

*FREE SAMPLE Alberta Real Estate Agent Exam (14 questions)

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